Article 1 (General)
1. 'Welcos Co., Ltd.' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company' takes care of the personal information of our customers and complies with the personal information protection regulations in the ‘Law Related to Stimulation of Use of Information and Communication Network & Information Protection’ and the ‘Personal Information Protection Policy’ enacted by the Ministry of Information and Communication. The Company notifies our customers how the personal information provided by them in terms of the purpose and the way of use, and which measures are taken for the protection of the personal information through our Privacy Policy.

2. Our Privacy Policy may be modified by change of law or policy of the government or internal change of policy in the Company. In the event of any modification on the Privacy Policy, the Company will announce it through the notice on our website on an immediate basis. Please, check out if there is any change on our Privacy Policy when you visit our website.

Article 3 (Purpose of Collection & Use of Personal Information)
1. The Company shall collect personal information for the following purposes: conclusion and implementation of contract for provision of service (identification and confirmation of free will), provision of service (delivery, et cetera), or notification of new service, new product or event.

2. The Company shall not collect any personal information that may infringe your basic human right such as race, ethnic group, idea, creed, political interest, criminal record, health condition, sex life, et cetera).

3. The Company shall collect personal information in the following methods:- Website, Form, Fax, Telephone, Consultation Board, Email, Event Subscription, Delivery Request.

Article 4 (Personal Information To Be Collected & Period of Possession)
1. The personal information that the Company collects is as follows: Name, national ID number, address, telephone number, email address, agreement on receipt of email, membership ID and password. The Company may additionally collect other personal information under your agreement to provide customized service.

3. Procedures & Method of Destruction of Personal InformationThe Company, in principle, after the collection of personal information and purpose of use are achieved, destroys the information without delay. The procedures & method of destruction are as follows.
 A. Procedures
- The information you input for signing in shall be transferred to a separate DB (filing cabinet if papers) after its purpose is achieved, and destroyed after being saved for a certain period of time in accordance with the cause of protection of information pursuant to internal policies and other related laws (see Period of Possession & Use of Personal Information).
- The personal information shall not be used any purpose other than for being preserved by law.
 B. Method
- Any personal information printed on paper shall be destructed through paper shredders or incinerator.
- The personal information saved in electronic format shall be removed by using a technological method which does not allow the restoration of records.

Article 6 (Unauthorized Use & Provision to Third Party)
1. The Company shall use your personal information within the extent that is notified in the ‘Purpose of Collection & Use of Personal Information’, and shall not use it beyond the abovementioned extent or provide to other entity or institution.

2. However, the Company may share your personal information with our partner(s) to provide better service. In this case, you will be notified the detail, purpose and period of personal information to be shared, and be asked for your agreement. If you do not agree, the information will not be shared with partner(s).

Article 7 (Opening & Correction of Personal Information)
1. You may open your personal information registered at any time, or correct your personal information except ID, national ID number and name. If you want to open or correct your personal information, please use Personal Information Correction Menu or call or email our personal information manager.

2. Once you request the correction of any error on your personal information, the Company shall not use your personal information until the correction process is completed.

Article 8 (Rejection of Agreement on Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information)
You may at any time reject your agreement on the collection, use and provision of your personal information through membership subscription, et cetera. The rejection of agreement shall be processed by membership policy or contact to the website administrator via telephone or email.

Article 9 (Consignment of Personal Information)
The Company may consign the collection, handling and management of your personal information for providing better service.
i) In the event that a situation requires the consignment, we will obtain your prior consent as necessary after notifying you about the subject and details of the consignment.
ii) In the event of consignment of collection, handling and management of personal information, the Company shall clarify fulfillment of order related to the personal information protection of service provider, confidentiality on personal information, prohibition of provision to third party and responsibility on accident, and keep the contract details in writing or electronically.

Article 10 (Personal Information Manager)
The Company commissions the Personal Information Manager for protecting personal information of customers and dealing with the complaints regarding personal information.The Personal Information Manager is as follows:

Name: Soo-Bok, Oh
Post : Marketing Planning Team
Contact: +82-2-3775-7851

Article 11 (Protection of Personal Information of Children)
1. A child of younger than 14 years old needs the agreement of his or her legal representative before providing personal information, and the Company may request the least information such as the name of the legal representative necessary for acquiring the agreement of the child.

2. The legal representative of A child of younger than 14 years old may reject the opening, correction or agreement of the personal information of the child, and the Company will take necessary measures on the request without any delay.

3. The Company shall not share, sell or lend personal information of a child of younger than 14 years old with any third party. In addition, The Company shall not send any proposal to any user displayed to be a child of younger than 14 years old via direct mail.